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Many would ask what makes Bill’s Violin Shop different from other shops of similar clientele and purpose. I am sure that reputable violin repair shops and dealers do perform fine repairs and sell quality instruments. My shop is a total, “one stop” shop that attempts to meet the needs of any string player, professional or student. I make every attempt to be competitive with repair and retail pricing. I am constantly looking for better products while maintaining lower prices. What sets Bill’s Violin Shop apart from the rest is the ability to take “grandpa’s old violin” (sometimes being told by some shops that it is virtually worthless) and transforming it into an instrument that plays and sounds as good or better than many professional grade instruments. I learned these processes from the late Mr. Wayne Trainor, who learned them from the old European schools. These processes will work with violins that have good acceptable wood and correct measurements. The beauty of this process is the comparative low cost of the total repairs. I have taken several violins that were in extremely sad shape and performed all needed repairs, retoning (often including a new bass bar and corner blocks), new tuning pegs, accessories, and strings for around the cost of a middle grade “student level” instrument. So, before tossing that old “worthless” instrument, or just making a wall plaque out of it, bring it to my shop to see if it does have the redeeming qualities to make it into a true “family heirloom.”

Products carried by this shop to match any budget:

Violins, violas, cellos, and basses to include their respective bows

All accessories

Product names associated with Bill's Violin Shop:
Coda Bows
Meisel Instruments


Directions to Bill's Violin Shop:

1: Start out going EAST on NE 48TH ST toward N MANCHESTER AVE. 0.2 miles Map

2: Turn LEFT onto N MANCHESTER AVE. <0.1 miles Map

3: Turn RIGHT onto NE SAN RAFAEL DR. 0.1 miles Map

4: Turn LEFT onto N SMALLEY AVE. <0.1 miles Map

5: End at 4838 N Smalley Ave

Kansas City, MO 64119-4235, US Map