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“Bill Steel is one of the most accommodating repair persons I know. He is friendly and always does a superb job. I would recommend him to anyone.”

Les Mengel, Cellist


Bill repairs Les Mengel's cello

I have had the pleasure of knowing Bill Steel for over thirty years. Bill and I played violin on the same stand in our community orchestra. Mr. Steel is one of the very best string repair technicians in the Kansas City area. He has worked for quality music stores and he has serviced the North Kansas City School District String Department for the past several years. All of his work is done quickly, yet, with great attention to quality. In my opinion, his consistent enthusiasm in regards to his repair work, is a special character trait. His honesty and trustworthiness are also equally impressive. I can recommend Mr. Bill Steel to do any string repair job for a beginning string player to the professionals in the string section of the Kansas City Symphony. The string musicians are truly fortunate to have our own string repairman, Bill Steel, in the Kansas City metropolitan area. J. Dennis Bogart String Specialist NKCSD